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In October, 2016 the Federal Aviation Administration released a certification test for commercial drone pilots. Prior to the release of this certification test, you needed a full commercial pilot’s license to operate a drone for commercial purposes.

Bulldog Graphics (Kim Woods) was one of the first companies in Northern Colorado to take and pass the FAA part 107 sUAS certification exam and is licensed and authorized to fly a drone commercially.

Now, the sky’s the limit when considering photography and videography for your website, product catalog, company brochures and marketing materials.

Consider Drone Photography/Video for:

  • Real estate
  • Commercial marketing
  • Corporate presentations
  • Tourism
  • Field operations
  • Land development prospecting analysis
  • Roof Damage or Installation Inspection
  • Insurance Claims
  • Golf course hole-by-hole flyovers
  • Construction projects
  • Special event promotion
  • Disaster Damage Evaluation
  • Pizza delivery (just kidding! maybe someday…)



Maybe someday people will be used to seeing aerial photography and won’t think twice about an aerial image. For now though, there is something unique, fascinating and captivating about drone photography. It grabs your attention and makes you pause. In marketing and design, this is priceless.

We are licensed and insured. We always fly with safety as a first (and second) priority.

We’d love to talk to you about incorporating drone photography into your company’s marketing plan.

“Well you could do that, but it would be illegal and it’s kinda noisy”