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Print Design Portfolio

print design portfolio
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The Safety Poster campaign is a series of 4 posters addressing various safety issues like personal protective equipment, hazzard communications, back safety and lifting, and propane safety. The poster models were all employee children and grandchildren. These posters won a national communications award from the Cooperative Communicators Association.

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The CMS Mechanical brochure was designed for use as both a handout and a direct mail piece. A strong cover image piques interest and gets the brochure opened. The copy emphasizes the importance of a preventative maintenance program and its cost savings.

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The Outlaw brochure introduced a new squeeze-on insect repellant for horses. The copy emphasized the superior performance of this product compared to competitor’s similar products. Charts were used to illustrate this performance and setarate this product from the pack.

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This piece for the Chicken Dance Trail is called a banner-up. It is 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall, and is used during trade shows. To attract attention during trade shows, you need bright colors, compelling images, and to treat the piece like a billboard, assuming that you will only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye. The banner-up was designed to look very similar to this client’s web site and to attract birdwatchers. We decided on the birdwatcher’s main tool - the binoculars - as the primary image.

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The MOOLAH brochure is a striking lime green, square-paneled piece that rolls out upon unfolding to reveal more information. Additional custom illustrations were designed to compliment their existing logo - illustrations that progress from an expression of curiosity, to pleasantly suprised, to happy.

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Few companies reach their 100 Year annivarsary. Such an event should be celebrated, documented and remembered. The 100-Year history booklet reviews and summarizes a rich century of change. It is a promotional piece for the present and an historical piece for the future. The history booklet was winner of the 2007 Cenex Harvest States Annual Communications contest.

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The Scoop is a bi-annual newsletter for Agland members with a circulation of 3,500. It is mailed to 38 states. The Scoop is Agland’s opportunity to communicate with its members and customers. Each operating division of Agland contributes to the writing and content of the newsletter. The newly re-designed Scoop was a winner of the 2007 Cenex Harvest States Annual Communications contest.

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The Formula 707 catalog was dated and in need of an overhaul. This project also required all new product protography because of a recent packaging re-design. The cover illustration is one of a series of 6 simple, bold red horse legs illustrations done for this client as a branding campaign. New location photography was also done for the catalog to include photos of actual customers with their horses.

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The South Central Economic Development District needed a display piece for tradeshows, so we decided on a banner-up. At 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall, they are hard to miss. Similarly, they are designed as you would a billboard, with the assumption that you only have a few seconds to attract attention. The mood of the banner-up was one of ‘pictures of back home’ and was to convey that warm, small-town rural appeal.

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The Chicken Dance Trail rack card is distributed and displayed at visitor’s information centers and travel centers throughout Nebraska. Designed to attract birdwatchers, it introduces the Chicken Dance Trail website, and ultimately hopes to attract tourists to the trails themselves and to the south-central Nebraska region. It is designed with the same look and feel of their website and other printed materials in order to maintain consistency throughout their communications.

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Graphic Design

You know when you pick up a brochure if it was put together in Word and abuses the clipart gallery. Even if you know nothing about fonts and typography, you can tell if a brochure is (for some reason) difficult to read. You can tell when something is hurting your brain. So you put the brochure down, because it's giving you this uncomfortable feeling that you can't quite put your finger on. You didn't read it. You didn't get the intended message.

Now if that brochure had been professionally designed, it would be almost soothing to read... You would have a sense of confidence in the company that produced it. They would convey a feeling of professionalism. You would feel secure, and continue reading. You would become more confident in your decision to spend money with this company. You wouldn't put it down. In fact, you would probably take it home with you. Maybe even tuck it under your pillow... Well, maybe not. But you're getting the picture here, aren't you?

Investing a little in the graphic design of your printed materials will pay for itself. Period. You should not be spending money to print brochures or catalogs - anything - if they have not seen a graphic designer before they see the printing press. Bulldog Graphics has over 15 years experience in the graphic design field. If it's destined to be printed, we can design it!

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Annual Reports
  • Advertisements
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Product Packaging
  • Catalogs / Magazines
  • Signage
  • Novelty Items

Yes, you could have your commercial printer do your design work, and you could have the newspaper that you are advertising with put the ad together for you. But consider that commercial printers and publishers are in the printing and publishing business - not the design business. Their main goal is to get your job on the press. Fast. There is usually limited creativity and little concern for the effectiveness of the final piece.

Using a graphic designer dramatically increases your results. Results are things like increased sales, higher conversion rates, greater customer trust in your professional-appearing organization, more phone calls - whatever your ultimate goals are.

A graphic desinger can also assure accurate final files - files that don't get hung up in pre-press, sent back for corrections, bad images, or missing fonts. Files that produce accurate color and eliminate suprises at press-time. Accurate files mean that your job is done faster and accurately.

Bulldog Graphics has many resources available for the final printing of your project. We know where to find the best prices for full color, black & white, large format, continuous forms, short-runs, labels, signs and business cards. We can have your project quoted for printing at several service providers to find you the best price.

Organizations that use a graphic designer understand the value of expert help in this area. They see the results in the final product and the effectiveness of that printed piece. You don't have to be a huge organization to need or use a designer. Contact us to talk about your design needs, upcoming projects, and most-importantly, your goals for that project, or jump right into the online quote request form. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever got along without a designer!