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Medical Imaging Centers and hospitals now have the opportunity to increase their market visibility and increase their brand loyalty by providing their patients a professional, custom CD case to hold their medical images. Whether the patient simply wants a copy of their images, or needs the images to give to their primary care physician, a custom CD sleeve leave s a memorable impression, and costs less per unit than slimline cases, labels, and film.

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Custom CD Sleeves for the Medical Imaging Industry

Times have changed and the medical imaging field has gone digital. There is rarely a need for printed "films" anymore. Imaging centers know that they are now receiving many requests to copy a patient's digital imaging files to a CD - either for the patent, or at the request of the patients primary care physician.

We have found that many imaging centers are purchasing bulk slimline CD cases, and purchasing CD labels, then spending a lot of time and money to print a label for each patient's CD. In the end, the results were expensive and less than professional. Patients would leave with a CD case that looked similar to the CDs they burn at home for their music files. And then they would bring this to their doctor...who is supposed to refer more patients to that imaging center...

A custom-designed CD case was the solution. Printed in full color on 95 pound, topkote gloss cover-weight paper, and scored at the fold lines, they can now give a patient their digital medical images in a CD sleeve that reinforces their image and professionalism. The sleeves are pre-printed with all the instructions the patient needs to run the image-viewing software on their computer - complete with screenshots and icons.

And they are less expensive than buying plastic cases and labels.

Physicians and Patients have a choice

We know, a patient isn't going to want to return to your imaging center just because you gave them a cool CD sleeve the last time. But imaging centers are finding that they do need to market themselves more effectively, promote their services at every opportunity, and compete for market share. Why not take every opportunity to repeat your message, display your logo, and identify your brand?

Exclusive to Business Forms Specialists

Bulldog Graphics and Business Forms Specialists of Loveland, CO have partnered in the design and printing of these CD sleeves. Business Forms Specialists provides professional, experienced, cost-effective printing of the CD sleeves, and has already purchased the custom die needed to cut the CD sleeves to specifications. Bulldog Graphics is experienced in the design, setup and layout of the CD sleeves to press standards. Together we can ensure that your custom CD sleeve job is completed to your standards, and to print standards.

Our custom CD sleeves feature:

  • Sturdy, 95# topkote gloss cover paper
  • Full 4-color process printing, including bleeds
  • Custom die-cut
  • Scored fold lines
  • A 1/8" folded spine
  • Ability to safely hold 2 CDs without sliding or damage
  • 5 inches tall by 5.125 inches wide, final folded dimensions
  • Custom layout designed specifically for your facility or imaging center
  • Design proofs via .pdf files

Price Chart

Cost each
.84 ¢
.74 ¢
.63 ¢
.53 ¢
.43 ¢
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*Design services and artwork setup fees are additional and typically range from $150 - $300, one-time. Reprints do not incur a setup/design fee.

How To Get Started

Contact Business Forms Specialists toll-free at (877) 622-9941 for more information or to get your CD sleeve started. You can also fill out the contact form, and we will call you!

Start looking more professional today!

Custom CD Sleeve for Medical Imaging Centers and Hospitals.