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Welcome to Bulldog Graphics, your best friend in the print and web design business.

Bulldog Graphics is ready to be your best friend in the design business. With over 15 years of experience in the website design and print design industry, we can help your business communicate effectively in every medium you can imagine. Located in Greeley, CO, we service the entire northern Colorado region. (But then this is the digital really, we can help no matter where you are.)

Browse around this website and view the portfolios. Learn more about our website design services, including initial design and development, as well as maintenance and overhauls. Learn how we can help you with your print design needs such as brochures, newsletters and catalogs. If you're just starting out and need a logo and identity package, we can get you there too.
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Website Design and Development Services

If you've been in business more than a week, you should have a website. Your customers expect it. At the very least, a website gives you a sense of legitimacy and a place for your customers to go to learn more about you. And as you know, your website can also do so much more. It can generate leads, promote business events, increase customer loyalty and increase revenue (woo-hoo!).

If you have an existing website, it should be seriously reviewed and possibly overhauled, at a minimum of every 2-3 years. Web standards are constantly changing, giving your web developer new guidelines for browser compatibility, better ways to present your material, and new ways to optimize your website for search engines. You've probably upgraded your web browser in the last 3 years... we're betting your audience has too. Has your website been checked against the latest browser versions to ensure its compatibility? Is it using old technology and source code?

Visit the website design page to see our web design portfolio... and learn how Bulldog Graphics can help establish your web presence, refine your existing website, or maintain the site you already have.

Print Design and Graphic Arts Services

Companies that use a professional designer for their print work understand why they need this service. If you've never used a designer, we hope we can ease you through the learning curve! This is absolutely a matter of effective, professional communications. Use the knowledge and experience of someone who's job it is to design and communicate effectively.

Let's face it, if the printed piece isn't visually appealing, they won't pick it up - which means they won't read it. But it's more than that. If it's pretty, but the text and structure are confusing - they won't read it. If the text is too heavy, too tight, the line length is too long, the leading too small - they won't read it. If it uses every font on the computer - they won't read it. Why would you pay for ad space or pay to print a brochure if its ineffective?

The purpose of printed materials is to be read - to communicate something and produce a response from the reader. You should have your printed materials professionally designed. Its worth it! View our print design portfolio, then contact us to discuss your graphic design needs.